VECTA has been around a long time – initially as VECTA dealing with tourism matters, but then it merged with the Chamber of Commerce, and now is involved in all matters commercial as well, because realistically they go hand in hand.

Many people won’t realise that the very successful River Festival began in its current form under the auspices of VECTA, as did Evesham in Bloom, and Music in the Park – all of which went on to become very successful events- two of them continuing until the present and serving the town well as tourist attractions. For many years it awarded an “Excellence in Tourism” to organisations deemed to have encouraged people to the Vale – recipients included the Handsam Boat Co. and the Evesham Light Railway – both still big draws to the area. For many years VECTA also produced a ‘Riverside Towns’ leaflet for distribution to tourists and coach companies detailing attractions in the area and participated in Press visits to the area, resulting in thousands of pounds of free advertising for the Vale.

VECTA is considered a valuable lobbying partner by the District Council and the Town Council in matters relating to the town – especially with the recent enhancement of the High Street. VECTA continue to work closely with the Market Towns Partnership which has injected several millions of pounds into the town, the results of which can be seen on the Workman Gardens, Port Street, Hampton Ferry footpath, Abbey Road, etc..  VECTA meet monthly to discuss current issues that affect Evesham and The Vale and to identify and deliver projects that will benefit the membership.